Gifted and Talented Workshop

An all day drawing intensive workshop for Gifted and Talented Year 10 students. The day was inspired by the local landscape. We started initially with pure mark making on large sheets of Fabriano, using charcoal and erasers to make as many marks as possible. We worked on a circus, so pairs working on one drawing moved around to anther, and continued the process of building up a myriad of marks, tonal values and textures on the paper. When each drawing was saturated with marks, we repeated the process using paint. We used numerous tools to apply the paint i.e. brushes, bubble wrap, rags, newspaper, our hands, rolling cotton reels, sticks, cotton buds, string, card board strips etc. We then collaged these painted and charcoal drawings together to make some very different landscape compositions.

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image 1 from gift workshop image 2 from gift workshop image 3 from gift workshop image 4 from gift workshop

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