Weekend ‘taster’ workshop

This interactive workshop was designed to accommodate a huge variety of abilities and age groups. Inspired by textures in the landscape and looking initially at a collection of natural objects that had strong tactile qualities, we made some rolling pods. The chicken wire frames were stuffed with objects that would not fall out the holes i.e. milk bottle tops, dried leaves and twigs. We wove a variety of textures through the holes, to make the chicken wire cylinder solid. These textures ranged from strips of carpet, fabrics, bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, wool, tin foil, cling film, paper, towelling etc. When these pods of multiple texture were finished, students played a rolling game with them, listening to the sound of their individual pods, and describing or just touching different textures.

Main photo

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image 1 from weekend workshop image 2 from weekend workshop image 3 from weekend workshop

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